American Government Workers Outnumber Private Sector

So I’ve been trying to follow the recent revelation that, if you count all the government employees and contractors, that there are now more people in America reliant on the government for their paycheck than there are in the private sector. The NYT covered the blog wars about it in their article, Debating American Serfdom.

I think exploring this issue would help to explain how America continued to grow in jobs as the private sector muddled through one of the most pathetic and uncertain economic recoveries in history; after all, the federal government is growing by leaps and bounds.

The more money the fed spends, the more jobs result. Does this officially make America a socialist nation? I can’t seem to find the cognitive clarity to figure it out because I’m so excited about MY NEW CHAIR!!!



The UNICOR CXO Chair, which we just got for our division at the Coast Guard base, includes:

  1. Sleek Ergonomic Design!
  2. Adjustable Lumbar Support!
  3. 16 Points of Articulation!

For too long, I’ve been bringing my sleep home with me. Thank you so much all you wonderful taxpayers. Thanks to you, I’ll be able get some proper rest at work. And thank you George Bush junior. Without your total abandonment of fiscal responsibility, this luxuriously comfy chair wouldn’t be possible.

I luv ya Dubya!!!

At $650-plus a pop, my chair cost some poor sap their entire week’s pay at McDonalds! Bite me private-sector loser! Actually, with 80-plus of my coworkers getting these chairs… Bite me 80-plus of you private sector suckers! Total ownage!!!





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