I am an independent author who self-publishes under a creative commons license. My current non-fiction works consist of “best of” collections from my 10-years of writing for this blog. I also write hard science fiction as a means of exploring scientific concepts in dramatic situations. My screenplays consist of one polished work and three other that are in need of editing before they are film-able.

New! Download a ZIP of all my works listed here (115 MB / Last updated 10/10/2012).

Children’s Books

Welcome to Life

A book I wrote for my son Sagan to explain his place in the cosmos, evolutionary origins, and purpose in society in the simplest ways.

Available as free PDF or free editable Power Point files.

The Safeguard

The Safeguard is a mostly-comedic comic that will have a few, very dramatic issues after characters are established. It follows Nisha, Ziggy, and Arnis, three average people trying to play superheroes in the real world and dealing with issues of morality and seriousness of vigilantism, no matter how good the intentions. They battle Caleb, a teen who hasn’t figured out where he fits in, and decides to become the Safeguard’s arch-nemesis. Eventually, an amateur superhero fad takes place in the city.

The Safeguard - Most Detailed Concept Art

The Safeguard – Most Detailed Concept Art

Issue one screenplay available in word or text format. Other sketches and artwork here.

Speculative Fiction



Your cloned child is a mirror, simultaneously reflecting who you are and what you might have been. It’s potential was your potential. Can your clone achieve the dreams that fell to the wayside in your own life, or is it doomed to repeat your mistakes?

Clones is a collection of speculative short-stories that explores the relationship dynamics between parents and their cloned children.

Available as print on demand, a free PDF or ePub, or as a $0.99 kindle ebook.

You can also check out the Clones Collective blog for a collection of reader-submitted stories.

Entropy of Imagination

Entropy of Imagination

Trapped in a World Running Out of Ideas…

Thousands of years ago, before he was trapped on an isolated computer system, Flatline was programmed to conquer the world. Today he’s escaped back to the World Wide Web, where he hopes to find his way back to the real world. Except the World Wide Web has forgotten there ever was a real world.

The inhabitants of this future Web reside in a closed system, where all possible experiences will soon be exhausted. The Web is winding down, falling into stasis. Here, Flatline is a brief infusion of novelty, bringing chaos to the system.

Available as print on demand and free PDF or ePub, and $0.99 kindle ebook.

The Spiraling Web

The Spiraling Web

The cycs are not a computer virus destroying the Internet as everyone thinks, but a sentience naturally evolved out of our information systems. Flatline, a hacker with seemingly supernatural powers over information systems and a demonically disfigured avatar, has assumed leadership of the AI hive, overseeing their domination of the World Wide Web and plots their conquest of the world outside it.

Zai, handle “BlackSheep,” a blind girl in a world where medical science has all but eliminated the condition, travels to find her missing online friend Omni; however, an emotionally traumatic childhood experience with a virtual friend will not allow her to believe in the possibility of Artificial Intelligence.

Devin, handle “Omni,” straddles both worlds, the virtual and the physical. He sees a war, where one side’s victory, human or artificial intelligence, means the tragic demise of the other’s entire civilization. When Flatline locks him out of the Internet, Devin must successfully navigate the strange, alien world known as Real Life if he is to prevent total tragedy.

Available as print on demand, a free downloadable PDF or ePub, or as a $0.99 Kindle ebook.

Short Stories

I also have a variety of shorts published here under the category Pure Speculation, as well as submissions accepted to 365Tomorrows, Oort-Cloud, and Aphelion Webzine.


Enlightenment Living

Enlightenment Living, Essays on Living a Virtuous Scientific Life

A collection of essays covering science culture, Enlightenment ethics, skeptical inquiry, and celebration of natural wonders.

Available as print on demand, a free PDF or ePub, or as a $0.99 kindle ebook.

Enchanting Existence

Enchanting Existence, Essays on Our Fascinating World

Best essays celebrating astronomy, evolution, general science, and the human place in the cosmos.

Available as print on demand, a free PDF or ePub, or as a $0.99 kindle ebook.


Mediaphilism, The Film, Book, Game, and Culture Critiques of an Unabashed Nerd

Essays from reviewing films, books, games, and culture from the perspective of a nerd in love with science and wonder.

Available as print on demand, a free PDF or ePub, or as a $1.99 kindle ebook.


Shah Mat

Shah Mat

It’s the battle of the century on 64 squares when Ian returns from college and meets his old high school friend Duf for a game of chess. Academic VS Drop out… Logic VS Intuition… Nerd VS Geek. Alcohol added for explosive results.

Available as Print-on-demand, a $0.99 ebook at amazon or as a free ePub at Goodreads.

Detail of a Life

The story of four different artists inhabiting four different fantastic worlds, each landscape crafted by the artist preceding them, taking the audience through four parts of a day, seasons in a year, and stages in a lifetime.

Spring Dawn: A child prodigy seeking freedom in a world of adult expectations.

Summer Day: A young man seeking true love in a flashy world without substance.

Autumn Twilight: A middle-aged man dares to dream in a world where dreaming is insanity.

Winter Night: An old man looks for his deceased wife in a world of eternal solitude.

Available as a Free PDF.

Schrodinger’s Cat

A man wakes up in a room without an exit and cannot remember who he is. He must piece together the person he used to be and what his role is in this twisted experiment. Only the truth may be too horrifying for him to accept.

Available as a Free PDF.


(This is an abandoned rough draft.)

Shane is a young rebellious soul who didn’t want to go to college, but since he’s there, he’s going to make the most of it, and takes up selling marijuana to pay his tuition and living expenses.

Available as a Free PDF


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