Blogging has introduced me lots of wonderfully intelligent, thoughtful people with whom I both agree and disagree. Blogging has also opened me up to the apparent ravings of lunatics as well. Behold, a sample of what ended up in my inbox last month:

First the quakes from global warming, then my “unusually” correct quake predictions providing warning, and then the words of those guilty of these crimes against nature and humanity. I predict unimpeachable earthquakes from global warming because those extremist Republicans and Christian substitute “slide whistles” for “thermometers” and they set about plagiarizing each other for votes, money, organ harvesting, and mass murders. Overlapping with the week of 12/30/07 – 1/5/08, only the predicted choke point of Central America has moved far north to the US/Canada/Pacific region with potential for a major volcanic eruption. (These 3 choke points also correspond to the lobes of tectonics on Mars.) Proving global warming denial is just not an extremist river in Egypt, I present the Prophet Moses and a “red” Nile leaching hidden evil from the Pharaoh to modern Evil Inhofe, Cardinal Pell, and Dr. Dobson exporting evil to Greece

This is maybe 1/10th of the full e-mail, and it doesn’t get anymore coherent anywhere else. I found fourteen more e-mails just like this in my spam folder a month later, all from Robert J Rhodes, aka. “The Ozonator.”


My first suspicion was that this was spam-mail language, randomly generated content designed to get around a spam filter; however, not only is this odd-john filling my spam folder with this bizarre, stream-of-consciousness stuff, but he’s blasting it in comments sections all over the web, like here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Strangest of all, there doesn’t seem to be any purpose to it. Everyone in the comments threads ignores it, and all the e-mails after the first automatically went to my spam-folder. “The Ozonator” is putting a fantastic amount of time and energy into composing nonsense and putting it online.

But then I suppose the same could be said of me. : )