Happy Constitution Day

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Working on a military base for six years has given me a certain reverence for the American flag. Many mornings I’ve watched the morning flag-raising from my truck as base police stop traffic to prevent it interfering with the ceremony, noticing those days it peaks briefly before descending to half-mast on remembrance days or the passing of high-ranking public servants, and watched it taken down at day’s closing, folded up, and kept safe through the night.

I believe in freedom of speech, so I accept the legality of flag desecration as a means of protest. However much it offends me, I’m emotionally mature enough to recognize that’s the point. They have a right to say and do things that offend me, I don’t have a right not to be offended.

I forgive misguided patriots who slap flag bumper stickers on their cars, wear flag boxers, or leave their flags hanging out all night to grow dew-soaked and moldy. Just as I am a lazy environmentalist, I can accept lazy patriots.

But this is just grotesque grandstanding:

God Bless This Porta Potty!

God Bless This Porta Potty!

Carl Sagan argued that we and our children should pledge allegiance to the United States Constitution every morning, to emphasize the meaning of American principles, rather than treat our flag and our country like a sports team, rooting for it right or wrong. Promising to “bring Democracy” to a country shouldn’t be a threat.

We could do with a little more philosophical patriotism in America, and a little less crass patriotic pageantry.

Just my thoughts for this Constitution Day.

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