How to Turn Your PC into a Science TV

Step the First

Download Miro Player, the free and open-source RSS aggregator for video podcasts. I’m sure there are others, but Miro is, to my experience, the sleekest and most user friendly.

Miro Player

Miro (Formerly “Democracy Player”)

Step the Second

Subscribe to the following shows:

  • Nova’s Science Now presents engaging science from a longtime standard in documentary-making.
  • PBS has a HUGE collection of classic clips from their documentaries. Awe inspiring, wonderful stuff!
  • National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles are great, short clips to enchant you.
  • dh love life is Daryl Hannah’s regular video blog exploring sustainable living. Fun and thoughtful (although a bit too new age at times).
  • EcoGeeks’ Wild Classroom has it’s misses, but overall it’s a worthy subscription.
  • Wired Science often introduces me to the more “out-there” science news.
  • Dr. Kiki’s Food Science is fun, entertaining, and involves the chemistry in your kitchen. Highly highly recommended.
  • Science Sensei is my favorite of ScienCentral’s videos. His kung-fu is superior.
  • TED Talks takes the world’s most intriguing intellectuals and gives them 18 minutes on the soapbox.
  • Every episode of Seed Salon takes two great minds and allows us to be a fly on the wall for their dinner conversation.
  • Evolution Entertainment is a recent addition to my playlist, also of remarkable quality.
  • Life on Terra is my absolute FAV. It’s hard to believe there are documentaries of this caliber for free online.

There are many many more shows out there. You can do a search on “Science” from your Miro Player to find them. There’s more content than I can keep up with. Enjoy!