Politicians Need to Improve Their Presentation Skills

Here’s a question that started nagging me today: Why hasn’t it become standard for politicians to spice up their speeches with Power Point Presentations?

Could you imagine a modern-day scientist getting up in front of a conference and try to make a persuasive argument with just an inspiring speech? “Every American must embrace String Theory as an integral step toward a Grand Unified Theory of physics that will make this Country great again!”

I think that would result in a lot of raised hands and head-scratching. Why can’t political speeches be more like TED Talks? Why are they geared towards those living fossils the Baby Boomers? I love to hear Obama talk, but I can do that with an MP3. I wanna see a multimedia presentation accentuating his words.

Hans Rosling explains data maps

Hans Rosling explains data maps

Mind you, not all speeches lend themselves to this format. Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” stands on its own.






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