The National Debt is a “Grandchild Tax”

Children are living messages we send to a time we will not see.

– John W. Whitehead

Dear Babyboomers,

I just wanted to wish you congratulations on your impending retirement. Could you do Generation X, Y, the Millennials, and so forth a favor before you go, and please clean up your $7,000,000,000,000 mess before leaving the workforce?

I hope you enjoyed the roads, national security, law enforcement, regulatory agencies, agricultural subsidies, clean water, social services, generalized scientific research, public schools, consumer protections, and emergency response services America’s $8.5 trillion credit account provided you, not to mention your impending monthly Social Security check and Medicaid benefits, but just because you’re going to die in a few decades doesn’t mean that obligation will go away.

You see, taxes cut while running a national debt are actually taxes deferred. They are passed along to your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. “Grandchild Tax” is far more apropos a descriptor for your decades of irresponsible spending than “National Debt.”

This debt is intergenerational tyranny. Babyboomers are oppressors, levying a tax on their unborn descendents who lack the existence to defend themselves. This is taxation without representation.

This gargantuan debt puts us at China’s mercy, threatens the GDP, and, worst of all, loots American citizens’ futures.

Your parents, the Greatest Generation, sacrificed so much to bring you a better world, but that world was on loan to you and you have a responsibility to pass it along to your progeny in fair condition.

If you will not act responsibly, then history will hold you responsible.






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