For What It’s Worth, Please Vote Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama came out of nowhere, delivering a suprise inspirational speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and writing two books Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope, both of which revealed a remarkably intellectual individual who believes in Enlightenment ideals.

In the last four years, Obama has proven himself undefeatable in debate, delivering what youtube fans have dubbed the Obama SmackDown, where Obama refutes his opponents talking points with a finely articulated irrefutable rational response. The man cannot be Swift-Boated. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who simply has too much political history to sour her candidacy, and who cannot unite the country behind her. America has some very tough times ahead, and we need a real uniting force to get us through them.

I’ve loved this passage from Audacity of Hope, where Obama describes a computer monitor showing World Wide Web traffic patterns:

The image was mesmerizing, more organic than mechanical, as if I were glimpsing the early stages of some accelerating evolutionary process, in which all the boundaries between men–nationality, race, religion, wealth–were rendered invisible and irrelevant, so that the physicist in Cambridge, the bond trader in Tokyo, the student in a remote Indian village, and the manager of a Mexico City department store were drawn into a single constant, thrumming conversation, time and space giving way to a world spun entirely of light.

I have been so inspired by Barack Obama’s message and his rationality, that for the first time in my life, I was have donated $100 to a political campaign, Obama needs all the support he can get to edge into the lead for this Super-Tuesday.

Barack Obama understands what the future is about.