Bora Zivkovic is on My Facebook B!#@$s!!!

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    Bora Zivkovic
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    This is like collecting sports cards, only scientists!!! Ha! Ha! Time to sell the comic book collection, I’ve found a new hobby.

    Bora Zivkovic runs A Blog Around the Clock, works as the “Online Community Manager” at Public Library of Science (PLoS-ONE), one of the two main organizers for the annual NC Science Blogging Conference, one of the organizers for the Open Laboratory annual best-of science blogging book, and his “scientific specialty is chronobiology (circadian rhythms and photoperiodism)”–what I consider a very obscure specialty, but one he covers in an entertaining manner without being pedantic.

    While there aren’t specific posts of Zivkovic’s that stand out in my mind, I am perpetually blown away by the incredible stream of clock quotes, blog rolls, events, and news articles that he references on his blog. As one of the most prolific writers on ScienceBlogs, he is one of the many reasons I had to switch my RSS feed there from all blogs to just the “Select” feed to keep from getting overwhelmed.

    Zivkovic is also an activist blogger, helping to expose the attacks on open-source science and blogger lashback, recent developments in political interference in science, and promotes using Blogs as Weapons in the war against the proprietary establishment.

    And did I mention he’s now on my facebook friends? BOO-YAA!!!

    There’s gotta be a Science Scouts badge for this one. If not, there needs to be one. The “I have X Scientists on my MySpace/Facebook Profile” badge.

    I’ve already got the “I may look like a scientist but I’m actually also a ninja” badge:

    Ninja Scientist
    Ninja Scientist
    I blog about science
    I blog
    about science
    I can be a prick when it comes to science
    I can be a prick
    when it comes
    to science
    Some of my Science Scouts Badges

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