Mercuryday Links: D.I.Y.

Sacred Geometry, Deciphering the Code

In honor of the new, radical to the max web-comic-blog howtoons, I thought I’d post resources to the other DIY (Do It Yourself) Movement resources.

We live in a society where producers tell us what we want, and too many of us surrender our individuality and get drawn right into their bullying tactics. The D.I.Y. movement seeks to transform America from a consumer-dominated society back to a producer-dominated society. It’s about empowering individuals, democratizing innovation, and freeing us from the materialist pushers that convince so many to spend their weekends at Wall Mart.

I really wanted a picture of a fist with D.I.Y. tattooed on it for this post, but was unable to find any such thing online. So I wrote the acronym on my knuckles and snapped a photo of it with my cell phone real quick. I’m trying to rationalize this as being delightfully cheesy, rather than pathetically tacky… like most of my own DIY projects.

World Changing, A User’s Guide for the 21st Century, Abrams, Worldchanging 2006, New York, NY.






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