Cognitive Schema: Your Cognitive Schema and You

Posted on 30th October 2003 by Ryan Somma in Enlightenment Warrior

A Cognitive Schema is the organization of knowledge about a particular concept or subject. When I speak of Your Cognitive Schema, not to be confused with a Self-Schema, I am talking about the incredibly complex Web of ideas inside of your mind you use to make sense of the world. It is an evolving system, growing and maturing with your experiences.

When we work out our bodies, whether aerobic or pumping iron, we stress them, pushing their limits. On a microscopic level, we are tearing up our muscles, shocking our heart, and forcing our body to adapt to increased levels of physical stress. During the recovery period between workouts, our bodies rebuild those muscles in preparation for the next shock to the system.

Our minds are receiving information about the world and trying to fit it into a great big web of understanding. The facts we learn are like the vitamins and protein we feed our bodies during the rest times. When we are at rest, contemplating and introspective, we reorganize the Schema, revising it for the next stress.

But what about the exercise? This Web Site will get to that later, in The Memepool, the mental gym where we stress our ideas into solid theories.

In this section concerns what goes on inside of the brain, hypothesis formed from observations, not yet tested in the Idea Marketplace. These are, of course, merely the inner workings of my own belief net:

Observations: These are explorations of the Natural World. Understanding our common reality is the best place to start when deciding how you think about things. These are where the nutrients of a worldview are gathered.

Hypotheses: These are the assumptions derived from the observations. Seeing patterns in the morass of reality has led to these personal beliefs about things.

Resources: Don’t ever take my word for anything you read here. I’m no authority, not even an expert. You have to test, retest, and test again everything you know. The truth will endure.

Disinformation: Like a computer virus on your hard drive, false facts in your mind corrupt the information linked to it. Here I have provided some examples of when to beware, a healthy skepticism is like a strong immune system.

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