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I was all about Do It Yourself (DIY) as a kid. I built a crossbow out of tree branches that shot bamboo arrows, a boat out of an innertube and piece of plywood, and was forever tricking my dirt bike out. Inventors Dr. Saul Griffith and Dr. Joost Bonsen and comic artist Nick Dragotta’s new comic book Howtoon’s, The Possibilities are Endless totally takes me back to those good old days.

If you’d like your kids to know the nine different types of saws, six different types of pliers, how to make PVC marshmellow shooters, two-liter bottle rockets, electric motors out of a ordinary office supplies, count to 1023 on their fingers using binary, knot tying, terrariums, turkey-baster flutes, on and on, the possibilities truly are endless in this great big comic, which inspires kids to pursue their own DIY adventures.

But it doesn’t stop there, the the Howtoons website is a veritable perpetual engine of DIY ideas including Mechanical Toys, Wedgie-proof underwear, Virtual Cannon Balls, and Circus Science. These are just some of the topics covered at





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