One Web Day 2007

William Gibson predicted the Internet, but his visions were barren and lifeless compared to the enchanting pandemonium we get to experience daily. Isaac Asimov predicted a world village connected with light-wave signals through satellites, but could nowhere near imagine the scope of social change, the effective mobocracy that it taking place. No futurist accurately predicted this delightful Memetic Playground that is the InterWebbies.

1900's Vision of 2000
1900’s Vision of 2000

The World Wide Web sufficiently increased my intelligence so that I could join Mensa. It completely changed my modes of thinking. Where I was previously limited to having my learning directed by the content of books and television, I now draw my own threads of inquiry, following the hyperlinks from data bit to data bit, creatively hybridizing knowledge into new ideas and perspectives.

The Internet promises the complete democratization of knowledge. Sites like Jamendo have freed me from corporate-push music and Miro from corporate-dictated television. The Internet is freeing us from the inbred lowest common denominator media that is the result of incestuous relationships between news, entertainment, and other industries.

I feel privileged to witness this transition into the Communications Revolution, and perhaps I will get to see a few more revolutions. So long as the Internet continues to mix and match memes, we may not be far from a revolution of revolutions. Empowered individuals are bringing about an Age of Amateurs, which will in turn spur an Age of Ages.

Surprise me.

Happy One Web Day.






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