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Posted on 9th July 2004 by Ryan Somma in Ionian Enchantment

Fourmilab Switzerland

A fun, mental playground, site based in Switzerland and maintained John Walker, founder of Autodesk, Inc and co-author of AutoCAD.

The Discovery Channel

Home of the many Discovery Channel networks, which make learning about your world fun and inspiring.

Science Jokes

A fun collection of science jokes. I don’t get most of them, but I do find many enlightening.

Here are some legitimate things about our common reality that should make you go “Hmmmmmm.” Is there a message hidden in the mathematics of the universe? Is there something eternal about the individuals that we are now, which gets passed on into the minds of the next generation? Can we change reality through thought alone? There are people who dare explore these observable phenomenon, inspite of the fact that many classify them as “quack” scientists:

The Evolution of Truth

An interesting site that explores the “coincidences” of certain facts, mathematical and otherwise, of our existence, and asks us: Intelligent Design?

Children Who Remember Past Lives

Dr. Ian Stevenson, Professor of Research in the Department of Psychatric Medicine at UVA, has spent his lifetime documenting over 3,000 case studies of children who remember past lives. In many cases, he is able to investigate and verify the existence and details of the claims the children make. He is also careful to include case studies that do not reinforce the phenomenon. Nor does he draw any solid theory about the cause of this phenomenon, but continues to investigate it for the potential it holds for explaining individuals’ present psychological problems and providing treatments for them.

The RetroPsychoKinesis Project

Take a random number generator, be it a pair of dice or a computer program, and think a number at it. The number you are thinking of will occur slightly, but measurably more often than the statistical mean predicts it should, and the results are reproducable. Quantum Physics tells us that we change things by looking at them. Some physicists suggest we change the past in the present. WTF?

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