Happy Kid Inventor Day!

Benjamin Franklin age 12

Benjamin Franklin age 12
Courtesy NPS

Benjamin Franklin was 15 when he started writing notable letters to the Editor of his local paper. Thomas Edison was 15 when he began printing his own newspaper. Louis Braille was 15 when he invented the raised dots that served as a gateway to the blind reading on their own. Today is Kid Inventor Day a day to appreciate the innovative potential of young minds.

Some other ingenious innovators in our present day:

15-year-old Grayson Rosenberger invented a $10 prosthetic limb cover using bubble wrap and a heat gun, a vastly cheaper alternative to designed prosthetics, which can cost $3,000 each.

17-year-old Andrew Sutherland programmed the website Quizlet, which turns memorizing vocabulary, foreign languages, and, my personal favorite, taxonomy terms into a fun online game, perfect for cramming for the SATs or other exams.

10-year-old Taylor Hernandez invented the “Magic Sponge Blocks,” life-sized construction blocks held together with magnets that can be squished down to 20% their original size for storage.

You can find more young inventors here.





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